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The Ideal Place to the Best Air Purifiers in India!

At Writax, we recognise the value of breathing clean, pure air, particularly in a nation with significant pollution levels like India. We provide the Best air purifier in India because we believe that everyone has the right to breathe clean air. Our hardworking staff is determined to give you the best air purifiers possible so that you and your family can live in a healthier and cosier atmosphere. We offer the ideal solution whether you need an air purifier for your house or place of business. Buy single room air purifier from Writax to breathe clean, fresh air and wave goodbye to indoor air pollution!

Blueair Air Purifiers


Classic Series
INR 39999/-


Classic Series
INR 59999/-


Classic Series
INR 78999/-


Pro Series
INR 109999/-


Pro Series
INR 179999/-

Why Buy a Home Air Purifier Online from Writax?

You can rely on us to deliver the best solutions for your indoor air quality demands because of our dedication to quality. You can quickly and hassle-free browse and purchase home air purifiers online with just a few clicks. We know how important it is to have a clean and healthy living environment, which is why our selection of air purifier for home, including the 480i classic series, is made to eliminate allergies, pollutants, and smells. We offer the ideal solution whether you want to clean the air in a certain room or your entire house.

Not just for your house, but also for your place of employment, clean air is crucial. We provide fantastic air purifier for office because of this. Our office air purifiers are designed specifically to fulfil the demands of commercial environments, giving your staff a healthy and productive work environment. As accredited retailers of one of the most reputable and trustworthy brands in the business, Blueair air purifiers, we provide to you with state-of-the-art technology that ensures better air quality and a healthier living. You can easily Buy online Blueair air purifier at Writax, and our knowledgeable staff is always available to help you select the best one for your workspace.

You may put your trust in the brand Writax when it comes to Buy online home air purifier. We are sure we can provide you with the ideal solution for your air purification needs because of our extensive selection and dedication to quality. Why then wait? Buy online air purifier for home to start along the path to a healthier and cleaner atmosphere.

With Writax, Discover the Difference Right Now!

Writax is the right place to Buy Best air purifier for home. Breathe easily and live a healthy life. Come along with us on our quest for fresher, cleaner air right now.


Yes, allergy sufferers can find relief from allergens and pet dander thanks to Blueair air purifiers' excellent capture and removal of these substances.
You, if you buy online air purifier for home. Activated carbon air purifiers from Blueair are great at eliminating a variety of odours, including those from cooking.
Yes, certain Blueair models have smart capabilities that let you use a smartphone app to remotely operate and keep an eye on your air purifier. Buy online Blueair air purifier at Writax.
Yes, if you buy online home air purifier. Blueair air purifiers may greatly enhance the quality of the air, giving comfort and respite to those who suffer from respiratory ailments.
Blueair air purifier for home are an affordable option for clean air because they use less electricity and are energy-efficient.
The frequency of filter change varies with usage. For best results, it is usually advised to replace filters of air purifier for office every six to twelve months.
Indeed, If you buy single room air purifier. Blueair air purifiers are made with simple maintenance in mind. Cleaning and filter replacement on a regular basis are simple.
A manufacturer's warranty is provided by Blueair; the details may differ depending on the model. Our product pages contain information about warranties.
No, if you Buy Best air purifier for home at writax, your everyday activities will be minimally disrupted.

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